Panax wins "Best-In-Show Fintech" award at the 2023 Bank Fintech Fusion conference

Nowadays, it's hard to imagine a reality in which banks and fintech are not closely intertwined. But this wasn’t always the case, and it was only during the last decade or so that we've witnessed banks open up their digital gates to fintech solutions in an effort to improve their operations efficiency, brand reach, competitive edge, customer retention, and customer satisfaction.

This year's Bank Fintech Fusion was held in late October to celebrate the inseparable and growing bond between the banking and tech worlds. Each year, this event puts a spotlight on tech companies that help push the boundaries of traditional banking and offer tangible solutions to costly problems.

That's why we're beyond thrilled to share that Panax has hit yet another major milestone by being selected as the "Best-In-Show Fintech" startup for 2023.

We are truly grateful for this outstanding recognition, and firmly believe it's a testament to our ongoing commitment to disrupt traditional cash flow management using automation, unmatched assets connectivity, and AI.

The Panax team is continuously dedicated to helping finance teams around the world regain full visibility into their cash reserves across accounts, banks, and currencies, optimize their cash flow management, make smarter investment decisions, and plan ahead using proactive, AI-driven alerts.

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