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to manage cash flow

Streamline treasury operations, control cash flow, optimize liquidity

Streamline treasury operations, control cash flow, optimize liquidity

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Trusted by leading finance teams

Designed to simplify  complex treasury

As the company grows, treasury management challenges grow as well:
Many accounts across various banks
Multiple currencies and geographies
High working capital needs
Use of credit lines, investment accounts hedging, and other financial instrument

Easily manage and optimize cash flow and liquidity

Gain control, mitigate risks
Gain real time cash visibility into current liquidity status and forecast future cash flows
How Menfield did it
Optimize capital efficiency
Boost ROI on excess cash by 15-20% while reducing fees and interest payment
How Oddity did it
Maximize productivity
Reduce manual work and errors with AI driven automation, proactive reporting, and trend analysis.
How we leverage AI
Reduce Costs
Optimize capital efficiency, increase ROI by 5-15%.
How Menfield did it
Mitigate risks
Gain full cash visibility and control current positioning and as well as cash forecast.
How Menfield did it
Maximize productivity
Automate treasury to save manual work and errors.
How Menfield did it
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All your data, up to date

Panax connects with over 10K banks, ERPs, and cash platforms around the world so you could have real-time visibility into all your accounts, ensuring real-time visibility to all your data. No IT required.

Enterprise-level data security

We keep financial data highly secured. The strictest security and compliance principles guide how we deliver our products and services to businesses around the world.
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Enterprise-level data security

Best-in-class security measures including robust authentication and strict access control
Employing information security best practices, policies, and procedures to meet highest standards of security
State-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms for all storage and network
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Modern tech for modern finance teams

Panax is your AI-based treasury assistant. Utilizing AI algorithms, we improve cash flow forecasts, automatically categorize transactions, and proactively surface the most important trends and insights, so you are always in control and focused on strategic decisions.

Modern finance teams rely on Modern technology

What customers & finance leaders say

"Seeing everything in one place and getting proactive alerts and trends has been a game-changer for our cash management processes"
N. Bar, Director of Finance
"Using Panax saves my team many hours of manual work and errors and gives me the insights I need to understand our cash trends and take proactive decisions"
O. Chereshniya, CFO
"With Panax, we get the visibility we need to manage our treasury across multiple bank accounts and currencies"
Y. Leikin, Financial Controller
"Panax enables us to optimize our cash management and maximize the total yield we gain on our liquidity"
M. Moore, VP Finance
"Panax lets you accomplish many easy wins within Treasury without spending a lot of time and effort implementing a complex system"
Eugene Spevakov, CFA
Treasury leader
"The focus on constant cash flow optimization is a key part of financial leadership in today's complex and volatile business world"
Daniel Fletcher, CFO
Finance leader
"Treasury management is driven by quality data analytics, and pushed forward by knowledge and experience"
Yuval Rafid, Corporate Treasurer
Treasury leader

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