We help finance teams be in control and
optimize cash

Our mission

Technology has revolutionized the way finance teams manage their workload. Automation and AI are oh so common, yet the most valuable asset, cash, is still left behind. Far too many finance teams still track, monitor, and manage cash flow using manual, error-prone processes.

Cash is the oxygen of every company and is needed for survival and growth. Breathing shouldn’t be a struggle, it should be easy and effortless. Our mission is to help finance teams breathe easier and automate their cash flow management processes.
Finance leaders should have full visibility and effective tools to control and optimize their cash flow.
We are committed to helping finance teams around the world achieve this goal. Join us. Control and optimize your cash flow. Breathe easily.

Our story

Our founding team has years of experience in managing finance teams, building fintech and SaaS products, and running complex financial operations. 

In our previous roles, we couldn’t ignore the struggle of finance teams in companies with complex treasury operations. The more the company grows, the more complex it gets, and that always results in poor cash flow visibility, outdated or faulty data and a general lack of control.

We couldn’t find a good cash flow management solution, so we decided to build one. And that’s why we started Panax. That’s what we’re doing here.
We’re passionate about helping companies run efficient cash flow operations, and to ensure the viability and growth of companies around the world.


We’re always looking for talented people to join our team and help revolutionize cash flow management
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