Can AI Give Superpowers to Finance Teams?

On Demand Webinar

AI is opening up new opportunities for Finance teams. With AI, we can gain better insights, accelerate processes and help leverage broad knowledge bases. Is AI fit for every finance job? Does it have real value or is it still premature?

Our focus will be on finance ops and treasury, how AI can simplify and improve its management. There will be a practical and visionary discussion led by:

  • Daniel Fletcher, CFO and Planful
  • Noam Mills, CEO and co-founder of Panax
  • Sefi Itzkovich, CTO and co-founder of Panax,

Join us to learn:

  • Top use cases where AI can truly benefit treasury management today
  • Use cases where using AI is best avoided
  • Practical tips and tricks for using AI, like in transaction categorization and cash flow analytics
  • The future of AI in finance and treasury: a visionary look
  • And more

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